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Glee 1x02: Showmance

From the moment the show opened with the cracks about chivalry when Finn helped Rachel to the "Buenos Nachos" line from Puck I was just sitting there with a great big smile on my face. The show was back.

The scene with Will and Emma in the hallway reminded my why I ship them. Her rambling about giving guidance because she's a guidance counselor was just adorable as was his earnestness in his thanks. They need each other.

Then Sue's office. I love that she reads cheer leading magazines to people. I really like how Will didn't back down to her either. I don't like the references to Artie as half person though. I mean I know is SUE and thats what does does, I just thought it was taking it too far.

The disco song was actually good. I think it was the John Travolta hands that make it suck. I really like that it seems like Mercedes' 'Hell to the no" is going to be on ongoing joke. Kurt's line about the fruit throwing and the facial made me laugh.

I don't see why they couldn't put the flyers up anyways and still do the performance after all that.

The scene with Rachel and Emma was just so much win. Gag reflex jokes, crying in cars. I wish my counselors were like Emma.

I also loved Gold Digger. I did download it because it was free. But it was so much better on TV. I really like that he was listening to the kids.

I hate the janitor thing. I also really hate Terri and blame her so that might be why.

I really liked the insight on the Celibacy club. What a joke. Let's grind. Everything that Rachel said was correct.

The chalk experiment killed me. There was so much tension.

I can't believe that Push It was allowed on tv. I loved Emma's excitement and the principal not watching. I wish that they were just like uh Mr. Shue can we sing Don't Stop. ( I mean I understand why they couldn't in terms of the show but if this was real life?)

The scene in the principals office was amazing. Sue just sucks at getting them disbanded. They do one wrong thing and she's like END IT NOW. But I love that the cheerios dry cleaning was done in Europe. How over the top is she?'

I really liked that Will was beyond disappointed in Rachel. She acts like everything is about her. He shouldn't have taken half the credit though, although she gets that lesson later in the episode.

The picnic is making me ship finn/rachel less. I love that she made virgin cosmos and the your heart is on the other side line. But I can't see them working.

I laughed out loud at the Terri thought the baby fell out line. That is probably going to become my answer to anything confusing.

I'm not happy about Qunn invading Glee. Mainly because I love Lea's voice and now it looks like Quinn is taking over. Also fail Sue on letting your cheerleader's take over half of what Will needs to be considered for regionals. She really is the worst villain ever.

I can believe Terri lied about the baby. As much as I want her gone. It had to happen.

Also I like how bleach wipes can be a pickup line and thats Emma is giving Ken a chance. (It helps that he tried to find something she'd like)

Take a Bow sounded awesome, but it seem disjointed. I couldn't tell if it was Rachel giving up on Glee, being disappointed in Will for not letting her at least prove she can sing the solo better than Quinn, or giving up on Finn.

I love this show so much. I can't wait for next week.